Why choose Astrum Kivi

We are a trusted company in the construction of paving stones roads

The main activities of the company are the installation of paving stones, landscaping and road building from the cobble-stones. And now also a news service for a stone lazuring. You can get acquainted with the news service here.
Our hard working, experienced and professional team will help You in both larger and smaller works and that, in the home gardens or in the courtyards of apartment buildings. If desired, we can cover with the paving stone also the larger areas and walkways.

Quality from long-term work experience

Astrum Kivi is a company based on Estonian capital, founded in spring 2015 with masters of 15 years of professional experience.
With Astrum Kivi OÜ, you can always be sure that works be done quickly, with high quality and at a reasonable price.

We always try to find the best possible solution for each object with the client!

Spring is the best time to start building Your garden area: to collect ideas, plan the necessary work and carried out the planned works. Now, we also offer as a news services the street and a paving stone lazuring.

What is the paving stone road to Your house

A paving stone road in front of the house is like a business card for home.

Over time, the paving stones wear and age, and its appearance becomes tired and faded. As such, your business card may not be impressive.
In cooperation, we will find the best possible solution for each customer according to the wishes of the client. We find the best solutions because our field of activity includes everything for the maintenance of the yard: the installation of paving-stone roads, landscaping and road building with cobble-stones, and now we also offer to our customers as a new service lazuring and refreshing the aged pavement stones.

On which depends the price

Prices for the installation of paving stones are approximate and may vary according to the complexity and size of the site. The price of the works and services depends on various circumstances, such as the location of the object, size, complexity, material volume, etc. The exact price calculation, we can always do it when we have reviewed all the necessary information and in our price offer will be listed all the included services.

What is included in prices

The price of the paving stone installation work includes all needed materials (sand, gravel, gravel, concrete, etc.), transport of material, the preparation of the object and the utilization of the soil. You can find out more about the prices of our services here.
All prices are approximate and may vary depending on the object location, the complexity, the materials, the volume and the quantities.