The main activities of Astrum Kivi OÜ are the installation of paving stones, landscaping and road building from the cobble-stones. Now also as a news service the paving stone lazuring.

Prices for the installation of paving stones are approximate and may vary according to the complexity and size of the site. The price of the works and services depends on various circumstances, such as the location of the object, size, complexity, material volume, etc. The exact price calculation, we can always do it when we have reviewed all the necessary information and in our price offer will be listed all the included services. Stone installation prices includes work, needed materials (sand, gravel, gravel, concrete, etc.), transport of material, preparation of the object and utilization of the soil. The final price of the object will be achieved by aggregating different circumstances and concurrently with the client.

Stone sample products can be found here.


Price list

           From 29 €/m2 + VAT

         From 12 €/c.m + VAT

           From 2 €/m2 + VAT

           (includes washing + lazure) From 6 €/m2 + VAT

           From 3 €/m2 + VAT

           From 56 €/m2 + VAT

           Ask for price offer

           Ask for price offer

           Ask for price offer